Your Floors…

Aren't they one of the most important places in your residence?

F&K uses the Kirby Avalir 2 Vacuum and Home Care System

F&K Cleaning Company uses Kirby vacuums as they are by far the most superior vacuum cleaners on the market.

Kirby vacuum systems are engineered to get the dirt that others leave behind. Kirby's HEPA filtration vacuum bags trap dirt and debris preventing allergens from getting back into your home.

Beyond a vacuum, the Kirby easily converts to shampoo carpets & furniture, scrub tile & grout, polish hardwood floors, and so much more.

Renowned for its quality, Reliability, and Performance, the Kirby home cleaning system has been deep cleaning homes for over 100 years.

If you’ve ever seen a Kirby salesperson clean your carpet with a Kirby after your usual vacuum cleaner. You were probably amazed at how the dirt embedded deep in the carpet was able to resurface and cleaned by their vacuum. It happened because of the excellent airflow technology, the superb brush roll, bristles, and other attributes.

They also come with a HEPA filter technology, which ensures that your home if free from harmful dust or contaminants – this feature is incredibly helpful for those suffering from allergies. It is undeniably a tough machine that can pick up fine dust with ease